Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear Parents

It's Halloween season and I get how great it is to dress your kid up in cute-ass costumes. I do. I like dressing The White One up too.

But! (There's always one, isn't there?)

Don't put your child through this. Please.

I think the hot dog is the worse costume choice ever. Parents, please tell me why you'd do this.


Last.fm hit of the day: Cafes and Bombs by The Other


  1. Ha! I'd never do the hotdog. A friend put her little girl in a "pea in the pod" costume when she was an infant -- that I would do. It was super cute. But a hotdog? Not for me. lol

  2. Honestly, the real reason doesn't come from deep rooted need for therapy but practicality.

    Those costumes are warm, covers the head and you don't need a jacket. Best of all if a kid falls, they're loaded up with puff.
    Puff= no tears.

    But the hot dog is SUPER Tacky.

  3. I understand some of them like the pea in the pod and I do understand the need to keep them warm. But, here are a few other things.

    1. If this is your only child, why the heck are you taking them trick or treating? Are you that desperate for free candy?

    2. Why don't you just dress your kid cute-like and not tacky?


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