Friday, December 10, 2010

Four For Friday

It's no secret that winter and I are arch enemies. Every year it comes around and I'm miserable until March-ish. It's dark. It's cold. There's snow. Since I'm an eternal pessimist, it's easy for me to find the faults of living in New England during our arctic season, but it's much harder to focus the flip side.

Today I'll do just that.

Four For Friday: The "Hooray for Winter!" Edition

My current scarf, via  Old Navy.
1. Scarves. I have a totebag full of them. They're warm, oftentimes snuggly, and full of awesome colors. I have a preference for bright colors these days.

2. Crochet. Now that NaNoWriMo is over and it's no longer too hot to be immersed in yarn, I can pick up my skillz where I left off. I'm nowhere ready to tackle socks, but instead will take on some bags, scarves, and possibly some critters.

3. An excuse to wear fleece pants. Not that I really need the excuse, but it does look silly to rock them in July when it's 75 or higher. So the cold weather is a blessing because I can lounge in horizontally striped pants that my mother would say make me look too big and not care.

4. Hot chocolate. It's like comfort food, but chocolate. Yes, this can be drank all year, but how many people think "Hot chocolate would make this trip to the beach that much better"? I know I don't. So, yes. Hot chocolate FTW. I have some gingerbread hot cocoa that I'm dying to try.

What things do you like about the winter?

PS: If you signed up for information about the writing getaway Holly, Erinn, and I  blogged about on Tuesday, check your inbox for a survey.
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  1. I'm sorry, I couldn't get past the *75 in the summer*!


    95? Bring it on. 75? Get me some fleece pants! lol

  2. PEPPERMINT hot choccie... made with awesomely yummy intense cocoa, a splash of Bailey's Mint Chocolate, and peppermint marshmallows.

    I'm with you on the fleece pants--I have a new pair that is bright blue with penguins all over them.

    I'm also going to throw in silence... there is a silence on winter nights like no other time... deep, intense... the cold forces everything into slumber and I can feel the earth curling in on itself. Moments like that, standing on a beach, you look up and there's nothing but this diamond-spattered carpet of stars overhead. Incredible.

  3. I think I need to learn to knit. Or crochet. Or something because the exorbitant amount of money I spend on scarves and sweaters and hats is insane.

    But I'm with you. Hot chocolate, fleece and lots of snow.


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