Friday, January 21, 2011

Squirrel Appreciation Day Redux

Sometimes I think the world likes to mess with me. Like having these enormous hips and no about 2 inches of torso* or when I want milk, all cartons are frozen blocks of white. No matter, I can accept it.

I really can't accept there's a day dedicated to squirrels. You can read my reasoning on it here. Today I'll play devil's advocate for the furry front.

Reasons We Should Appreciate Squirrels
  1. They sometimes eat insects and other rodents.
  2. The nuts they hide in the winter a lot of the time just become seedlings.
  3. They have incredibly fluffy tails.

That's all I got. My squirrel paranoia is too strong. Now if this was Chicken Apprecation Day**...

If you're an avid squirrel lover, read what the NWF says about how to celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day. Then, you can go to What On Earth and buy some squirrel merchandise.

* This might be a slight exaggeration on my part.
** May 4th.
_______ hit of the day: The Exile by Vernian Process


  1. Ugh- squirrels are so strange. I can't believe there is an actual day for this. Can't way for Pam to read this :D

  2. They're always stealing all my bird food. bastards!

  3. Gah! Squirrels scare the bleep out of me! They're rodents on crystal meth.

  4. I'm so glad that you all appreciate the squirrel danger.

    Pam - "rodents on crystal meth" so true.

  5. It would be hard for me to celebrate squirrel appreciation day. There are squirrels the size of housecats living in the alley behind my building.

  6. the fluffy tale goes a LONG way.

  7. This day really exists? Good heavens.

    We don't have squirrels here in Australia--I got used to them because I grew up in various countries that did stock them, but I think for most of us they seem like gorgeous little creatures out of a Beatrix Potter book that should be wearing waistcoats!

  8. Carrie - I'd be terrified to see a squirrel that big. I'm sure Pam would be too.

    Amie - The ones around Boston/Cambridge so don't belong in Beatrix Potter. LOL


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