Wednesday, November 9, 2011

If I Was a Literary Super Heroine…

Every Wednesday, YA Highway asks their readership a simple question to answer on your blog. Once you answer, you link your blog in the comments for other readers to hop on board. This is Road Trip Wednesday.

Today's topic: What are your writing/publishing superpowers (drafting? plotting? writing queries?) – and what’s your kryptonite?

Today’s answer is going to be wicked fast because it’s been a loooong week for yours truly and I have this mammoth word count I need to play catch up on.

If I was a literary super heroine, like Wonder Woman, I would totally rock a fantastic no-gym-necessary body and spandex would love me. There would be comic books with variant covers and movie options showering upon my creative genius.

If I was a literary super heroine, I would have my own batch of super friends (you) and we would have our own version of the JLA and call it Young Adult Literati Legacy, or YALL for short.

If I was a super heroine, my super strength would be dialogue. With it, I would own Hollywood.

If I was a super heroine, my arch enemy would be Nemesis II. This is because there is already a comic book character named Nemesis.

If I was a super heroine, my weakness (besides chocolate) would be the selling of my own work. The queries, pitches, and loglines would obliterate me into a pile of ash.


_______ hit of the day: Of Masques and Martyrs by I Am Ghost


  1. hehe quick and to the point, with some humor thrown in :)

    *craves chocolate*

    Also? Sign me up for the Young Adult Literati Legacy!

  2. YALL - fantastic name! We'd all be an unstoppable literary force!

  3. Wonderful superhero skills!

    As far as selling your work goes...we all suck at first...but practice makes...if not "perfect" than at least easier.

  4. Can I be a part of the Young Adult Literati Legacy too? lol
    Nice post! Love your style and your humor =)

  5. I really love the acronym YALL. Count me in. :D

  6. Great that dialogue is one of your superpowers. I'm working on that. As for the kryptonite, I'm there with you too. Love the style of your post:)

  7. Mmmmm chocolate!

    YALL is awesome. I'll fight in the name of producing epic stories!

  8. I wanna be a super friend and wear spandex!

  9. ha! Love your take on this! I want to be in YALL!

  10. I think you're the first female road tripper I've seen who used heroine instead of hero. Good call, Alicia! And the whole pitch package... totally one of my weaknesses too!

  11. Woo, go YALL! We will conquer!

    My nemesis would be the internet, I'm pretty sure... oh, procrastination.


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