Friday, November 11, 2011

Mandatory Writing Things

Today's post is super-late and I'm sorry about that. Lots of exciting things have been happening to Yours Truly as of late and since I don't want to jinx anything, that's as much as I can write.

The materials I need when I sit down to write vary depending on project, so this topic is challenging. Since it's November and I completed my NaNo novel this week, I'll talk about what I needed for drafting Scenes From Last Night.
  1. Zero distractions. With both Hubby unemployed, he's always home so I decided I wouldn't be. Thankfully my dad hooked me up with a temporary office where I holed myself up for eight hours a day over the last two weeks. 
  2. Caffeine. I'd be lying if this doesn't show up as needed for every project, but when my brain goes "mumble mumble," the caffeine is super important. The caffeine of choice is usually Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.
  3. Music. Another item that shows up all the time, I constantly listen to music while I write. It helps filter out the lawn mower, cat fights, Hubby yelling at Call of Duty...
  4. Snacks. Since I've been writing as a full time gig for the last few weeks, I eat while I work. I've had the most unhealthy diet ever this month, but hey I *did* finish my WIP*.
  5. Writing Mascot. Usually seen in the form of The Stripey or White One, this NaNo has found me with a tiny magic worm that looks like Slimy from Sesame Street. See

What about you? Do your necessities change per project?

* I may be gloating just a bit.


  1. Well...that's a cute(?) worm. I swear though, I think coffee or tea was on everyone's list. It's safe to assume that anyone crazy enough to sit down and write for 8 hours a day for fun has to have some sort of addiction. Ours is caffeine. Yay! I don't like distractions either. At least not in the form of people.

  2. Love the writing mascot. You finished you wip? That is awesome you should totally brag about that.

  3. I'm a no-distractions kind of girl too, but for me, that includes music. I like total silence! And DEFINITELY yes to the snacks!

  4. That's wonderful that your life is filled with so many exciting opportunities. May every one of them pan out to uber success :)

  5. I wonder how many books have been written without the aid of caffeine? I'm guessing very few. ;)


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