Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dear Blog, Part VII

Dear Blog,

I'm sorry I've neglected you in recent months. You should know that this isn't intentional on my part, but more of lack of motivation paired with not being chained to a desk 40 hours a week. I promise that I will work out a schedule that will suit both of our needs while entertaining The Lurkdom.

Please know I've enjoyed our time together and that you've taught me a lot in the last few years. Since we've renewed our partnership with vigor, I will not abandon you now. Of course, revisions have also pushed you to the backburner and I'm sorry for that. In the spirit of total disclosure, you should know that you are here to enhance my writing career, not become it.

Much love,

PS: While I'm slaving over revisions, you can be mesmerized by The White One's sweater.


  1. Was the cat cold? I was just wondering about the need for a sweater.

  2. I don't think The White One likes his sweater. Here's my caption for the picture.
    "Take off the sweater or the book gets it."

  3. The White One *hates* his sweater, but I did tell him it was payback for all the vet drama from November. Also, I'm reasoning that it keeps his still shaved belly warm. He disagrees.

  4. It's okay, Alicia. It's been a rough year for all parties involved here at the Pie. But it's a new year and I think we and our other friend Miranda can find a renewed sense of purpose! More cats? More zombies? More writing? Complaining about Twilight? These are all possibilities for 2012!

  5. The White One's sweater... Oh my. :)

    I miss your blogging, Alicia! I hope you're able to pick it up again with the New Year!

  6. LOL Poor White One. So funny! I hope your holidays are going fantastically!!

  7. The White One is SO adorable!

    No worries, Alicia. The blog will always be here and you'll at least have this visitor hopping around.


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