Friday, June 1, 2012

Best Donut Ever?

Living in the Dunkin Donuts capitol of the world, it's hard not to know about National Donut Day. I mean, hell, you get a free donut if you buy a drink at Dunkin's today. While this is fantastic (because of the word free), it could be so much better.
National Donut Day Breakfast of Chanmps

Why would you say that? You just got a free donut.
I know, but I'm a bit of a donut snob. Since they're totally bad for you, they have to be worth it: cakey, a little bit of crisp, and totally filling. I'm sorry, Dunkin's, but while I would marry your iced coffee, I would only casually date your donuts.

So in honor of today's "holiday," I want to let you know of the best donut places in the area. You know, in case you decide to visit me at some point.

Ohlin's Bakery. Located in Belmont, they probably have the best donut selection. They have all the best flavors (powdered, butternut, CHOCOLATE) and are one and a half times the size of your average store brand donut. (That they also rock the cakes and cupcakes is something that can't be overlooked either.)

Linda's Donuts. Also located in Belmont, their donuts are similar to Ohlin's in the cakey department. Rumor has it that the regulars and staff are awesome, but I've never been inside the place.

Dunkin Donuts. I know, I know. I just slammed them on the donut front, but how can you say no to Munchkins? Oddly, I love the plain ones the best.

You like plain donuts? Are you kidding?
I do harbor a strange love for the plain donut, especially if it's a wicked good cakey one. Though my favorite donut of all time is cinnamon powdered donuts. I don't have them often because they make such a mess. One time, the powder ended up in my hair even. 

Now it's your turn: Where do you go for your donut fix? What's your favorite type?


  1. I'm with you...I can't believe I can't even get a Krispy Kreme here in NJ because of DD...I do love their coffee (move over, Starbucks...and theirs is cheaper too), but the donuts are like carbon copies of the real thing...just not quite the same.

    1. I too prefer Dunkin coffee over Starbucks, though I'd take Starbucks tea over Dunkin's anytime.

  2. Replies
    1. We don't have any Krispy Kremes in Massachusetts that I know of. We used to, but I'm pretty sure Dunkin Donuts ran them out of town. (Though I loved the glazed donuts when they came out hot. YUM.)

  3. The best donut I've ever had came from some teeny-tiny German bakery in a teeny-tiny town in Northern Ontario. They were stretchy yeast donuts with fresh (homemade)raspberry jam inside, and they were covered in fine crystal sugar. Oh, and they were still warm when my dad and I bought them. Needless to say, they left an impression.

    In Canada, the place to go for a donut fix is Tim Hortons. They used to be really good, but now they are decidedly less so. They are a bit reminiscent of cardboard box, which is hardly appetizing.

    1. Those sound delicious. If I ever make it to a teeny town in Northern Ontario, I will keep an eye out for a small German bakery. There are no Tim Horton's in Massachusetts, though someone did bring me peppermint donuts from them once. They were tasty, but there was a hint of cardboard. Sad.

  4. I'm not much of a donut connoisseur--I like fresh Krispy Kreme... Warm with lots of sugar. :)

    However, in my opinion, fresh, icing-ful cinnamon buns trump all donuts.

  5. So. So. True! I won't even waste the fat grams on a DD... I'd rather wait for the real thing. YUM.

  6. i have to say, i love this post. i enjoy a donut now and again, but it must be a GOOD donut. preferrably a GREAT donut. and i actually live right behind a donut factory / bakery place that has a consumer store where you can buy them freshly made for cheaper (Dunford) ... but they're not as good as the tiny bakery in Salt Lake City ... Banbury Cross ... light and fluffy and and ... omg my mouth is watering...

  7. There is a cafe near me that has gluten free donuts that I keep meaning to try. There are two places in the Twin Cities that have Maple Bacon Donuts. Also a campfire s'more inspired donut.

  8. I drove past two DD's this morning to go to The Donut Shoppe, our local donut bakery. I call them the donut nazis; you have to step up to the counter and place your order in a hurry, because the line is always out the door. When they run out of a flavor, they're out, so if you don't see it up front, they don't have it. The plain glazed are like little bites of heaven. And now I'll have to swear off sugar for a month, but it was worth it.


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