Monday, August 25, 2008

A Case of the Mondays...

I can tell it's Monday because I can't put my fingers on the correct keys on this here laptop. The home keys don't exist for my fingers.

I was back at the florist I PT at for the first time in a week and my boss decided that I was going to work on some pricey arrangement. Amazingly, I did well. But Monday struck there too. It took me way too long to design a $35 basket and I left my scene notebook for my next novel on the workbench. It's bad because I need to finish that scene soon. Like, tonight soon. I hope I can relock the shop door with no problem. It's an older door and wicked problematic.

So, without the all important scene notebook and my newly acquired free time, I decided to begin agent searching. Then, I realized - I have no clue how to organize myself for this. If this was Tuesday, I'm sure I'd have a better grasp.

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