Saturday, August 23, 2008


With the exception of a few bathroom runs, I have been sitting working on line edits for six hours. I never knew how exhausting it is to sit down and not move. But it wasn't in vain since I achieved so much today. All the line edits and feedback I had received and reviewed this week has been incorporated into the manuscript.

Hell, I even changed the book title with a little help from hubby. I was quite fond of Trials and Tribulations, but I was told it wouldn't resonate with the YA crowd and she was right. It's taken me four months to find a title that sat well with me. FALLING TO NORMAL is the new shiny title. The new title solved a lot of problems. Since I was pulling a lot of things out of my youth, including the town, things were getting tricky. We changed the town, gave it a nickname, and a lot of character names were no longer questionable or identifiable. Victory is mine. *insert evil laugh here*

I finally gotten around to opening the Twin Peaks complete series DVD that I got as a brithday present. In January. I'm now on episode 6. I forgot how good of a show Twin Peaks was, despite how messed up the whole town was. Imagine what it would be like if every small town was that messed up.

I do love Twin Peaks though it was before it's time. And being before it's time, it was on way after my bedtime. Boo!

The cats must have discovered that I called them a distraction. They steered clear of the bedroom until about an hour ago (around the time I was wrapping up edits). Now I have the white one laying in his favorite spot doing his impersonation of a seal. The white one, whose real name is Lucky, is a 24 pound cat. Depending on how he lays out he looks like a seal or a polar bear. He's a cat though; the vet confirmed it.

It's been a long-ass day and I need to stretch my legs before they freeze in an Indian-style position.

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