Thursday, October 22, 2009

Right, Then

Next month I'm doing my first ever marathon. I haven't trained for it, nor am I really built for it. Good thing I'm not doing a physical marathon. What I am doing is participating in my first ever NaNoWriMo.

With this cherry getting popped, so is a lot of others. Like, plot cards. Authoress has talked about them and Holly Lisle has a virtual course. Son of a bitch, it worked. I have a full main plot to work off of for November. No true subplots, but since the goal is to write the shitty first draft, I'm not too worried.

The shitty first draft is a first for me too. In talking with my husband last night, I realized that I've never allowed myself a true shit draft. I'm an edit-as-I-go girl, which explains why it's taken me so long to write what I have. (Classic example was over the summer both my husband and I undertook a challenge to write a short story in 400 words. He finished his in 1 hour. It took me all weekend.)

So, yeah, shitty first draft and turning off my internal editor means wicked challenge.

I've also gone more organized this time around with a true novel reference book. I had read on Xtreme Life about how to create one and thought "why not?" All my projects have a notebook or several scraps of paper with notes, but nothing that can be organized or portable; it wouldn't be much of a leap. And I'm using it. I worked in it for an hour last night. I am shocked.

I think part of the whole NaNoWriMo experience for me will be that - experimenting. It's so easy to get locked down in what's familiar that the short sightedness doesn't allow you to find something that might work better.

In addition to this, I'm still working on my YA venture - FALLING TO NORMAL. I've entered a contest via for their first ever query contest. I'm excited and still hopeful that something WONDERFUL will happen regarding Cheyenne and crew before I buy a new calendar. (Something wonderful = a personalized rejection letter.)

Hubby has pointed out that I haven't queried since summer. He has volunteered on agent researching, which is awesome and supportive. I told him such and added "you might want to research the querying process first, so you can understand what's acceptable."

His desire to research got replaced by the new video game he picked up.

If you read my notes to Blog, you'll see that I'm planning on actually doing updates. That's going to be a challenge as well. Keep checking pack to see the following questions answered:
  1. Will she win the query contest?
  2. How is she progressing in NaNoWriMo?
  3. Does she still have a hate-love relationship with her blog?
  4. Did she come up with a less lame name?
  5. How did the cats distract her from her writing goal THIS TIME?
  6. How is her office like middle school?
Is there something you want me to cover? Definitely let me know.

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  1. Hi - I read a copy of your query in a recent blog post and have a question for you. If interested, email me at joan_clair at hotmail dot com.



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