Friday, November 6, 2009

Fire Hazard?

The product development and QA department in our office in populated by rabbits. Because of this, we've had to get creative with space.

Stage One of Create-a-Space was taking our 4 person cubes and making them capable of holding 6, but only in certain spots. When all was said and done, we acquired maybe 10 more spots.

What you see on the right is Stage Two, or a corner of it. Yesterday they took our loungey area and added a rabbit run. Erm, I mean additional desk space. Behind this piece is the outside.

And doors that lead to the outside. This series of desks are close enough to the door that you can't walk behind it. I'm wondering if this is actually a secure option for our breeding developers, or maybe a Darwinesque attempt at filtering out some of the staff.

In recap, the office is currently in Stage Two of Create-a-Space, Rabbit Developer Edition. I'm afraid to see Stage Three.

Update: Various work people have assured me that this blockade is fire chief compliant because of an additional exit back there. However, this is still sketchy.

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