Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why Would You Even Ask That?

This was taken from an ad for a Facebook application. There were a bunch of questions that people in my list supposedly answered like 'Did Alicia Gregoire shower this morning?' (I shower at night) and 'Is Alicia Gregoire a gold digger?' (Why yes, that's why I married hubby.) However, this question prompted me to talk about it.

I would definitely dress up in a mascot outfit and run around under the following conditions:
  1. It was a cute green critter. (CGC for short.)
  2. It wasn't in high summer.
  3. It was Febreezed prior to my use.
  4. It became viral and therefore gained me some followers.
So, Mysterious Question Answerer, how can I call you my friend? Between saying I'm a gold digger and thinking I wouldn't wear a mascot outfit, you clearly don't know me at all.


  1. Facebook is insane. The ads are awesome how completely inaccurate they can be. Did you see my post about Colin's facebook page?

  2. Yes, I did. Facebook and MySpace like to tell me about single men in my area for some reason.


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