Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Today's post was going to be about my office reindeer, but sadly there is no time. However, it's truly winter here in Boston with very cold temperatures from the Canadas on the way. What's the best way to warm up?

Hot Chocolate?

True, those all help in the warming department, but the most important thing is to wear proper outwear. I'll have Lucky the Cat illustrate.

Tomorrow is Zombie Thursday. I'm hoping that Miranda will be showcasing some zombie decorations in the spirit of Christmas.

Stay warm!


  1. hehe, is that a zombie Thursday request? I have two different topics I am working on for this week (haven't decided which one has won yet...), but perhaps next week I can dive into some Zombie Santas ;)

  2. Bud looks MOST fetching in leopard print.

    I still think we should do a Lucky calendar. "Bud of the Month."

  3. I'd feel bad for Lucky, but that's a fetching outfit.

  4. Meghan - you haven't seen anything yet. You should see Lucky the Reindeer. (Check out today's entry.)


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