Blog Spotlight: Be Nice to a Stranger

I was originally going to talk about Stripey today, but changed my mind.

Be Nice to a Stranger is a project that (fellow writer and blog follower) Erinn has undertaken. The goal is to do one nice thing for a stranger for the month of December. The nice activity varies from calling the insurance company just to tell them they are doing a good job to helping pay for someone's medication.

We should be nice all the time, but I'm the first to admit that I'm rather bitchy and Masshole-y instead. Reading about what Erinn's doing reminds me of my shortcomings in that department and still makes me feel a little fuzzy inside because in the month where most people forget what is meant by "the spirit of Christmas," Erinn is encapsulating it.

And now through the end of the year, she's going to donate money to a charity for every comment on her blog entry.

So go over to Erinn's December project and read about what she has done. There's still a couple of days left in the month so maybe we can all follow Erinn's lead and make someone's day.