Thursday, December 3, 2009

If Your Life is Twilight, It's Time to Get a New Life

It's not, actually. But Laura over at Combreviations posted this yesterday and I have been reading it in horror since.

My Life is Twilight is a fan generated site about, you guessed it - TWILIGHT and all things that fall under it's helm. Resplendent with typos, it's pretty easy to share with the world how your life doesn't exist without this world.

Before you get all pissy at my hating on this site, I'd like to point out that I have no problem with fandom. Fandom is a right of passage as a teen and most of us carry it well into adulthood. I'm a fangirl of all things Dark Tower, for example. I was also a card carrying Aerosmith die hard until I tore up my contract.

I know how it is to argue over the finer points of a good book and which character is the best. My friend Danielle and I have spent more than one all nighter arguing over The Vampire Chronicles. We've debated over whether or not Stephen King really needed to add that last bit in Dark Tower 7. A whole group of us have discussed who will win in a fight: Lestat, Edward, or Jean-Claude. (The final determination in that was Jean-Claude.)

So I understand your fandom. I encourage you to carry that flag and wave it around proud.

But. (There always is one, isn't there?)

But you have gone too far in your fandom when you post the following things:
I'm so Robessed that I made my bf cut his hair like Edward and stay out of the sun for like a month....he called me crazy but he did cut his hair because i threatened to break up with him after being together for 6 years and yes, he even did write me a song-MLIT. (Limbu_chic)

My teacher gave me an assignment to describe tort reform, and I wrote my paper about how Edward was TORTally hot! She gave me a D, though, I guess she's team Jacob, lololol. (TeamDracula)

i'm probably failing at least 3 classes because i cant put the damn twilight books down...i've pretty much memorized them...i bought the journals to write down my fav quotes while i reread the series...again... i havent even seen my book bag for the past 3 weeks :) ..screw college MLIT!! (myhajocy)

So this week is finals week and what do i do instead of studying?? I youtube every video that involves rob pattinson and fail my exams! Oh well It was worth it :) MLIT (edwardswifeyy)


Come back to reality. I know it's hard and crappy and you have bills or that final exam or your significant other is being a dick, but you're needed here.

Fandom is supposed to be fun, like a hobby. It shouldn't be a way of life. If you can't function on a level outside of your given fandom sphere, you have a problem. Even in my most fanatic days of Aerodom - where the hardest of my obsessions were - I was still actutely aware of life going on around me. I was able to still focus. You should too.

Now, it could be that all these MLIT people are submitting these stories in a tongue-in-cheek way. If that's true, then it's truly awesome. And I invite you over to help decorate my Edward cut out for Christmas. He's on my front porch waiting for glitter, lights, and a pink Santa hat.


  1. Today I pushed Alicia to the brink of sanity with sparkly vampires. MLIT.

  2. LOL - Laura you're too funny. Only if you knew the extent of my thoughts on the matter.


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