Monday, December 7, 2009

Phantasma's Own Nemesis

This is for all of you who said I should email the teacher and get more out of this...

A parent replied all on Beth's last email. She renamed it to "graded quiz and upcoming quiz." Read below...

Dear Mrs Fisher,

Hope you had a great weekend!
Tessa and I went over her quiz over the weekend.  She and I were disappointed to see that she got a 74 %.  When we went over the info she said that she did not have some of the info as that info was given while we were in Florida over Thanksgiving week.  I just wanted to communicate with you on it to make sure that was the case and see, if possible, anything can be done. Was there any supplemental info on this quiz on the eBoard that we did not know about?

Thanks for the info on the respiratory and the excretory systems. 

I will send Tessa in with the Permission slip tomorrow.

I would love to donate on the 16th, but I just did at the elementary school in November. Hopefully there will be another opportunity in the Spring at the middle school.

Thanks so much for your help and support.

Warm Regards,
Tara Woltstein

Those Woltsteins. *raises fist angrily* They are nothing but a family of kiss asses, with Tara Wolstein being the worst with her thank yous and over eager blood donations. I have my eye on you Tara Wolstein and your little perfect daughter.

I'm loving that Phantasma has outscored Tessa by such a high margin. I too got to review a quiz the other night, but like mother, like daughter. Phantasma scored a 98.

Tessa Wolstein and Phantasma don't get along and haven't since kindergarten. Tessa would flounce around in her perfect little clothes and would always make fun of Phantasma and her "unusual" garb. (The word unusual was said by Tara Wolstein, evil ice queen that she is. I think there is nothing wrong with wearing fairie costumes in December.)

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