Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sick? Then Don't...

The last week has been filled with little sick bugs. Hubby was sick and once he came home from his business trip, I got it exactly three days later. And on Hubby's birthday no less.

I'm on the mend, but it's slow.

I'm an impatient sick person. Unless I'm on death's door, I bitch and complain and will announce repeatedly that I don't feel well. While sick I've learned that there are some things that I just shouldn't do.

Socialize. This should be the topmost thing not to do for anyone who is sick. Not only can you spread your germs to everyone else, but in my case, you end up talking nonsense. I'd cite an example, but I was so out of it at dinner on Sunday, I don't even remember what I said. To anyone.

Laundry. Since I was home sick on Monday, Hubby asked me to do some laundry for his business trip. Normally I sort. And check pockets. And all sorts of laundry-ish things. Not Monday. I threw it all in one load and when I noticed that the load was a little light, I just went and pulled random shirts from our hamper and washed those too.

Dye My Hair. Since I didn't have the attention span for laundry, covering up my roots should have been put aside. Again. But it's that again that gets to me. (I had put off dying my hair by two weeks because of NaNoWriMo.) So the gray was bothering me and I decided to cover it up. But I didn't have the attention span to truly get all the roots, or saturate the rest of my hair. Or to fully rinse it seemed.

This morning when I finally looked in the mirror I was happy to discover that the gray is missing, but I know it will have to be touched up again in two weeks.

Wrestle the Cat. Hubby left yesterday and we have hit Stage 4 with Lucky. I'm wrapped in a blanket and he's trying to fit into the overfull kitchen cupboard. (Also known as Narnia.) After a few weak-ass attempts of wrangling him, I finally won and then dumped him in the carrier so I could sleep.

Writing. Tried to use my extra "at home" time to complete my first draft of my urban fantasy, but I kept getting distracted by shiny online things like, Bejeweled. OCD kicks in overtime while I'm sick.

Are there things you know you shouldn't do when sick? What are they?

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