Brain Fail

 Alicia's Week in Review

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My brain is fried after an extremely busy week. To be fair, it's been a busy week since January 1. (Who knew that the sales cycle picks up after the holidays?)

  • Holiday. Birthday lunch with good friend and blog reader, D.

  • My work Monday - the busiest day of the week. Also trying to finalize a 3 day orientation schedule that by today completely got thrown out the window.

  • My actual birthday.
  • New hire orientation at day job. This translates into "Alicia, please host the new hire." Downside: working on birthday. Upside: complimentary lunch.
  • Birthday dinner with ICE CREAM. (I will always take ICE CREAM over cake. The exception, as always, is ICE CREAM cake. Take note.)

  • Continuing new hire orientation.

  • Completing new hire orientation plus wrapping up end of week stuff.
  • Birthday dinner number two tonight. This time with Hubby.

Through this all, I've also been working on edits for FALLING TO NORMAL. The exception of this was my actual birthday where I took the day off. Editing takes a lot of brain power. So does scheduling. Next week looks to be a little quieter, which is great because my brain really has failed me.

Next week we'll be visiting Phantasma, Stripey, revision, and, as always, zombies. That leaves me with one day free. What would you like to see? Please comment below or email me.