Fangirl Interruptus

Today at the office is shaping up to be busier than yesterday, if that's possible, so I don't have time for an in-depth blog. Instead, to sate the fangirl in me, I'm giving you a Wednesday 13 video from the album Fang Bang.

I love this video. I love Wednesday 13. Each time I see them live, it makes me more driven to complete my various writing projects. You're probably asking, "why?" Because there's a 2 year age difference between Wednesday and me. He's toured the world; I can definitely get agented.

Would I be able to vocalize this if he was standing in front of me? Hell no. I would stare and stutter like a jack ass. Or I would be totally lame and say "you're awesome." (I have done this to Joe Perry each time I've met him. Alicia = lame at witty comments.)

So this fangirl will stay away from speaking to musicians for their benefit and my face-saving.

For tomorrow, I can talk about Stripey or Phantasma. What would you like to see?