Blog Spotlight: Guide to Literary Agents

If you're a writer with the intent of becoming a published one, you should be reading The Guide to Literary Agents blog. It's informative and concise. They go over everything from query letters to formatting specs. Chuck Sambuchino also blogs about his cover band occasionally, which I love. (I think I might love those stories more than the information I get.)
Recently, Chuck started monthly contests over there. This month the contest focuses on young adult and middle grade books. The winner gets a critique. You know who wants that critique? This gal right here.

Shameless pimping aside, go and read the blog. I have found some many useful articles from there that I've lost count. The Guide to Literary Agents is owned by the same parent company as Writer's Digest. WD is only my favorite writing magazine, so I'll admit that my opinions are highly skewed. (Who cares? They've been around for 90 years.)