Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beth & Phantasma Week, Day 2

Subject: milk containters needed

I will be collecting gallon milk containers over the next couple of days.  If you have an empty one, please rinse it out (no soap) and send it to school with your child.  Next week we will be constructing two mini-ecosystems.  We need to allow the water for the aquariums to sit for several days prior in order to ensure the health of our organisms.  Thank you very much for your help.  It is greatly appreciated.  Warm regards, B. Fisher

Oh, Beth. How I love your misspellings and double spaces after periods. My only other favorite thing is the subject heading "upcoming quiz" because it's so descriptive and all.

I'm sad to report that we don't drink enough milk at Chez Phantasma to have gallons. We do have some water gallons that Phantasma could part with, I suppose. We have one for the cats and a few for her. She likes to make bird feeders out of them in her spare time. She's a crafty one, that Phantasma.


  1. I'm certain your local Starbucks baristas would part with a few empty milk jugs. We go through a good many every day :D

    Why no soap, Beth?

  2. Most of my subject lines to parents read, "upcoming quiz." IT let's parents know there is a quiz coming up. Hence the name.

    Most of my e-mails are littered with mistakes. Because contacting parents is the professional thing to do, but you don't have to be THAT professional.


  3. Miranda - I'm guessing the no soap thing is so it won't contaminate the water. I remember that from when I had Norbert the beta fish.

    Erinn - Wouldn't it work better if it was "upcoming quiz - TYPEOFQUIZHERE"? Just saying.


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