Fangirl Excitement

I'm seeing HIM on Sunday. They're my favorite band after all things Wednesday 13, of course. And since I'm busy with 9-5 stuff and I'm excited, you get a video.

Did you like it? It's not my favoritest by them, but it is from one of my favorite albums, Razorblade Romance. The best is Love Metal.

When the single of this song came out, I was finishing or just finished college. I didn't learn about them until 5 years later when Hubby introduced me to them. What a sad five years. I hadn't geeked out over a band so much since Aerosmith. I liked the songs, the rockiness of the music, and Ville's pretty.

The only place we were able to pick it up was Hot Topic. This was pre-sparkly vampiredom when I could go in and not have an upchuck reflex, but this isn't designed to be a rant on that particular trend. This is supposed to be about fangirl crush #2. (You should know who #1 is.)

Like all things Wednesday, seeing HIM live pumps me up to get my projects done. They're about my age so I get into the same mindset of "they can do that, I can too." If I could pocket the energy I get from seeing them live for future use, I'd be golden.

So if you're in Boston and are happening to be at the HIM show, drop a line below.