The Time to Edit is Nigh

Yesterday marked the start of NaNoEdMo, or National Novel Editing Month for people who hate acronyms.

The goal in NaNoEdMo (EdMo for short) is to complete 50 hours of editing on one project, which averages out to 97 minutes a day. If you were successful at NaNoWriMo and are serious about writing, then EdMo shouldn't be a problem. In fact, it should be a requirement.

We know from shitty first drafts, that major editing has to take place. No one's writing is perfect from the moment of creation. We all have that one horrible sentence that talks about Reginald's quivering member; how the sky was a crystalline and radiant blue; or that long-winded sentence that puts the opening to A Tale of Two Cities to shame. Or maybe you don't have that in your prose, and instead you're the proud owner of passive language and an abundance of adjectives.

It's okay to admit that your work needs work.

Even though this is my first year participating in EdMo, I'm a veteran editor. The goal is to edit half of FALLING TO NORMAL.

If you have something kicking around, but lack the motivation to Git-R-Done, join me in NaNoEdMo and sign up. The worse that can happen is you edit a couple of pages.