Greetings from Florida-- "Fashion Freak!"

Hello, zombie fans! Miranda here-- This week I am taking a much needed break and vacation in the sun of Florida (insert joke about "Goths in the Sun" here...), but is that stopping me from bringing you some undead goodies on this Zombie Thursday? Absolutely not!

I'm about to head out to the beach after just getting an hour long massage (jealous yet?), but I wanted to share with you an awesome video my friend Shae showed me last year. The band is called Naked Ape and the song is "Fashion Freak." The music is all synthesized and the vocals are slightly distorted, so to be honest, I'm not even sure if the song has anything to do with zombies. But the video... well, you'll see! It's directed by Eric Althin, and if you have a zombie fetish and a clean car fetish, get ready to pull the curtains down and lock the doors. Enjoy!