Oh Gnome

Last night, Hubby and I spent an hour in our local Newbury Comics enjoying the 32% off everything flash sale. We spent money and all of it was necessary (wink) items.

I love Newbury Comics. One of the best things about them besides the obscure books and used CDs is the random merchandise they sell. Like, lawn ornaments.

"You're doing it wrong, Bob."

These guys have nothing on the Gnome Be Gone, but the display cracked me up. With gnomes 1 and 2 doing something entirely different than gnome 3. Also the first two look like they're on the lookout or something.

No matter how funny these little guys are, I can't picture them on a lawn. If you happen to see one, take a picture and send it in.

Last.fm hit of the day: Sweethome Under White Clouds by Virgin Prunes