Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Phantasma's Permission Slip

Dear Parent,
We are currently planning an in-school field trip in our sixth grade science classes, and your child is invited to participate.

Please read carefully the information about this field trip, below. If you would like your child to participate, please sign the Parent Permission Form (attached) and return it by the date indicated. Students who do not return a signed Permission Form by the deadline date will be denied participation in this trip.

Again this year, all costs for field trips must be borne by the students participating. All payments for field trips must be in the form of checks made out to the middle school. Please be advised that the school will impose a $15 fee for any check that is returned, to cover our own bank charges. Please also be advised that if the Superintendent of Schools deems it necessary to cancel a field trip at the last moment due to unforeseen circumstances, a full or even partial refund may not be possible to be granted, and the school or district cannot be liable for any money expended.

Please be sure to submit the required amounts by the deadlines given below, to ensure your child’s participation in this field trip. If you wish your child to participate but cannot submit the required amount by the due date, for whatever reason, please let the teacher or your child’s guidance counselor know so that we can arrange an alternate method of payment.

In-School Field Trip Details
Purpose: In order to enhance the life science curriculum in the study of genetics, instructors from the Dolan Harbor DNA Labs will provide an opportunity for every student to perform a DNA transformation lab activity.
Date: Monday, May 10, 2010
Time: During Ms. Fisher’s science class
Cost: $8.00

Payment and Permission Slip due to Teacher by Friday, April 16.

Thank you for your support of our efforts to enhance your child’s education with experiences beyond the classroom.

Ann Ferraro
Science/Health Lead Teacher
Trip Coordinator

What a load of BS. How lame is it that we have to pay for an INTERNAL field trip? I can understand paying for a lot of things, but this has gotten out of hand: activity fees, sports fees, materials fees. Enough!

This better be highly educational Beth and Ann. I got my eye on you.

________ hit of the day: To the Gods That Walk Among Us by The Ghost of Lemora


  1. I am very suspicious of this school's policies. Does it seem odd that they can cancel a "trip" at anytime and not give you your money back? "Parents, we are having..umm... guests, yeah, guests! come to the school. Pay us 25 dollars! Oh wait, they canceled. Sorry, we cannot refund your money..." That's a bunch of crap! I bet Tessa's mom is on the field trip planning board.

  2. It's harsh that they won't let children attend if the permission slip isn't turned in on time. My son would never, ever attend trips if his school was like that! :)

    And, all this made me think of was that a crime had been committed at the school, and they needed a DNA test from students to find out who was the perp. And that they were smoothing it over in advance, in case parents got wind of DNA testing. And they finagled a way to have parents pay to incriminate their own children. This school is CRAFTY!

  3. Mir - You know those Wolsteins.

    Heather - I think it's harsh about the timely return policy too. It got to the point in high school where I'd forget to bring the slip home so I'd forge my father's signature and then tell my mother when I got home. She seemed okay with it, which is odd.

    And maybe that's why the DNA labs are coming. Hmmm...


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