Scene Blockage

I'm on my third manuscript free day. This isn't because I've been such a kick-ass kid and deserve a break. Nope. It's because after slowing to freight train status, I've hit a new scene that I don't want to write. Not quite writer's block, but definitely a mental block.

Which got me thinking about scene blockage. How it manifests. Why it comes about. How can it be defeated.

When I say 'begins,' I really mean stall tactics. Facebook. Twitter. Bejeweled. Your tenth shower of the day. The things you do in your downtime. When you turn towards your WIP and are about to touch pen to paper (or finger to key), but suddenly you remember you have to walk the dog? All signs of something bigger happening. It can take a while to notice it, but you're avoiding that scene.

Psychological, definitely. Livia might have an actual explanation while all I can do is talk from experience. The scene could be deal with issues that you're sensitive about or you might be writing from the POV of a character you really don't like. Hell, you might be working on something that your protagonist doesn't want to think about. Ever.

The first thing is to acknowledge you're suffering from scene blockage. Then, you have to sit your ass down until you get the scene written. It's the only way. You can put in huge type 'FILL IN LATER,' but you'll be staring 'FILL IN LATER' in the face draft after draft after draft. Once you've completed the scene in it's shittiest form, treat yourself to something that you really want.

I'm treating myself to read Steve Almond's new book - Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life - but only after I conquer this scene.

How do you beat your scene blockage?

________ hit of the day: Unhallowed Metropolis by Vernian Process