Monday, April 19, 2010

Squirrels as Art

This creepy guy stared me in the face upon exiting the local Stop and Shop yesterday morning. I find this planter frightening for one reason.

It's a squirrel.

It looks unsuspecting, but I know better. Those glassy eyes most likely include hidden cameras. Squirrels will take over the world. Mark my words.

_____ hit of the day: The Impartial Orchestral Mix by The Clockwork Dolls


  1. *shudder*
    Make the creepy, evil, rabid forest creature go aways, please.

  2. squirrels are evil... I've never met a squirrel i've liked. Ever. Who looks at squirrel and thinks, "I want to carve a huge whole out of its back and stick some flowers in that."

    Squirrels will be our overlords one day and damn we'll be too distracted by their fuzzy tail to notice.

  3. Ack. Squirrels. I still haven't gotten over the evil Cambridge squirrel that tried to kill me on my lunch break years ago . . .


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