Why I Love Seal Bomb

Hey guys... Over here!

I can't get enough of Seal Bomb. The little guy looks so happy chilling (literally!) with the extras from March of the Penguins, it makes me smile and eventually crack up with laughter. Even the non-cropped version makes me laugh.


It's unsuspecting. We've all seen pictures of Emperor Penguins and they all look the same. And since the focus is supposed to be on them, you miss the surprise on first glance.

The penguins aren't in danger. Not all seals eat penguins. And from the picture, this guy looks like a Weddell Seal. According to the Smithsonian, they eat fish and krill.

I can picture The White One doing this
. He's been accused of looking like a seal when he stretches out since he is so fat. And we know he likes to mug for the camera.