Monday Update

Welcome to the final non-Holiday Monday of my company's fiscal year where I spent the last three business days tapping my foot with impatience and my boss silently freaked out while waiting for a million dollars in purchase orders. This week looks like it will be just as insane, but I hope to have blog time with you.

Nothing original today. As you can see from Deadpool, my brain has failed me. That can only mean one thing. (Actually, it can mean a few things, but I do have one thing on my mind.) Goal update.

We're about four weeks away from the calendar start of summer and I'm nowhere near completing any of my goals. I've resigned myself to the fate that it won't happen by mid-June.

Goal 1: Complete the most recent FALLING TO NORMAL revision before conference time.
Status: I'm typing up all my longhand and still in the middle. Once that's typed, I need to go back and do a quick read through since all my plans got dropped and all I did was restructure already existing sentences instead of actually adding depth. (Bad Alicia.)

There is agent interest, keen agent interest. I want to keep that momentum without putting too much pressure to be absolutely perfect. I think some new charts might be in order.

Goal 2: Keep up with the blogging.
Status: I'm doing it.

Goal 3: To drop at least 1 pants size.
Status: Hubby and I finally made it to the gym last week. Three times. I gotta say I'm pumped right after I leave, but I still have a brain crash at 9 PM, which cuts into editing time drastically.

This goal is officially moved to the second half of the year.

Goal 4: Clean the little box on a more frequent basis.
Status: We bought a new litter box. A transparent one.

How are your goals coming along?

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