Too Much Shoe Love

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I got new shoes this past weekend. They're not for summer, but they were a buck. How can anyone pass down shoes for a dollar, especially when they're Rocket Dogs?

No one.*

With my awesome shoe find still in recent memory, I'll confess that I love shoes and own way more than I wear. DSW and Off Broadway shoe fill that shoe-need in a way that the mall shoe stores can't touch.

This holds true to the mall next door where last week they opened up their seventh shoe store. This mall isn't big - it has about twenty stores and lists T Mobile as a flagship, so why so many? Mall moguls think we need two shoe stores dedicated to sneakers and two others for tacky, overpriced flats.

And that B Dalton where I encountered B Lite? Now a shoe store called FURY - home of the ten dollar shoe.

For those with a love shoes, come and confess. Talk about how a pair of hot pink crocodile booties turns your head. Share stories about how your Chucks flow like a waterfall when you open your closet. And is there such a thing as too much shoe shopping?

*The exception of course is if you have bad feet and can't wear their awesomeness.

_______ hit of the day: The Last Fight by Bullet for My Valentine