Winding Down

Subject: end of year
Hello parents,

We are rapidly approaching the end of the year. It's hard to believe. The year has gone by so fast. Our next quiz will be on Tuesday, May 25th. It will cover investigation 8 "adaptations". The format this time will be all multiple choice using a scantron form. It will be brief. It's been quite a while since we've taken a test or quiz in this format. Part of the final will be on scantron, so this will be good preparation.

The science six final is scheduled for Wednesday, June 16th. The review packet has gone out for photocopying. I will post a copy on the eBoard shortly. The final will cover material from the entire year and will count as 25% of the fourth quarter grade.

I will be in touch shortly regarding the possibility of children taking the organisms from our aquariums/terrariums home, with parent permission, of course. Warm regards, B. Fisher

It's so hard to believe it's been almost a full school year of Beth and Phantasma. I'm not sure what will happen once Tasma leaves grade six. Maybe Beth will follow to grade seven. Maybe I'll have a contest for the next teacher, which definitely shouldn't be confused with the next Doctor.

Good thing I have some editing and gyming to do - that gives Tasma no not to study and crush Tessa Wolstein academically.