Alicia Versus The Bouncy House

This weekend, a bouncy house tried to kill me.

This weekend I went to my goddaughter's 3rd birthday party where the main attraction was a Shrek bouncy house. I knew this was coming and Steph (one crazy hat participant) kept saying I would have to go into the bouncy house. I said I'd break the damn thing.

Of course, when my goddaughter pointed for me to go in, I had no choice but comply.

Somehow all the other children at the party had disappeared from the bouncy house fun, which left only the two of us in there. My goddaughter bounced up a storm and threw her weight around like nobody's business. The impact still moved the entire thing and I would in turn bounce as well. I managed to keep the bouncing to a minimum.

Bouncy houses are as fun as I remember.

The downside is that they are made with children in mind. There should be a disclaimer not to go too close to the netting.

As my goddaughter bounced to her heart's content, I ended up moving across the length of the bounce space. This put me at the back of the house near the blower. One more bounce and I fell into the netting.

In slow motion, this is what happened:

  1. My weight pushed the netting onto the ground.
  2. The bouncy house shifted.
  3. I couldn't get up.
  4. The bouncy house ceiling began to shift towards me.
  5. People had to push me back into the house.
Once back inside, my goddaughter fell onto her face with laughter. I had done the same. Fortunately, there's no video of this. But now people will always be able to say "Remember when Alicia almost destroyed the bouncy house?" I will always argue that the house was out to destroy me.
_______ hit of the day: Need No Company by Hardcore Superstar