The Cure to Feline Interruptus

Editing is still happening and I'm in the final push towards the end. This means nothing to my late-in-life development of self-diagnosed ADD. Nor does this mean anything to all the shiny television I'm overdue to watch.

This also means shit to my furry children who clamor for attention the instant there is a pen in hand.

Fortunate for me, Stripey just likes to cute it up and stare. It's like a furry reminder to buckle down.

The White One, as always, is a different story. He likes to march stalk across the table, bed, or whatever surface is currently acting as my desk and give a vicious headbutt. Then he likes to stretch out across my papers. With his butt directly on my workspace. For an example of this behavior, see left. For an additional roadblock, he likes to steal the pen out of my hand. (Yes, I still longhand.)

No matter how focused I am though, The White One loves to stop my process. Click the play button below to see him wrestle with my notebook containing my latest outline.

Most days, I handle all these feline distractions badly and get a page of writing/editing done. As I've said before, my cats are the greatest distraction on earth, something they prove that time and again. The cure for this is lots of energy drinks and a good solid playlist to headbang to. (Yes, I still headbang.)

How do you beat the case of the shinies and concentrate on what needs to be done?

_____ hit of the day: Interlude I: Into The Depths by Vernian Process