The Peril of Fat Kid Logic

One of my goals to achieve by the solstice was to drop a pants size. This didn't happen in part to Fat Kid Logic.

Fat Kid Logic is when you justify eating things that aren't healthy, like ice cream for breakfast. D introduced me to this concept several years ago when we both lost a lot of weight. It was summertime and I wanted ice cream. D had rationalized that since ice cream is dairy, it's good for you. The key element of FKL is to ignore the downsides of the food.

Think of it as food optimism.

Common Rationales Found in Fat Kid Logic
  • After turkey pie has no calories. (Applicable only on holidays.)
  • Splitting desserts = zero calories = zero guilt.
  • Banana bread is good for you because bananas are fruit.
  • On your birthday, calories don't count.
  • When you walk to ice cream/milkshake/etc, you've worked off the calories.
  • If I have a wicked healthy lunch, ice cream is an acceptable dinner.*
  • Dining with friends = calorie-free fiesta!

As great as FKL is in regards to my ice cream and carb obsession, it ruined all the hard work I'd accomplished in regards to my weight.** Now, I'm back at my previous weight and determined to lose it again. I have jeans I want to wear. And dresses without worrying about chafed legs.

So my summer challenge is NOT to embrace FKL, or not to succumb to it as much. It's hard because food's such an emotional thing, especially for women me and Fat Kid Logic is the best enabler in the world. (Side note, pasta is my ultimate go-to food.)

I know I'm not the only one with these issues - there's a reason why comfort food is so popular. There's a reason why there are studies that cover the benefits of dark chocolate, wine, ice cream.

Share your FKL stories with me below.

*Something D and I will experiment with later this month.
**Well, that and not going to the gym and being a stress eater and yet again adapting to Hubby's eating habits. 

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