Zombies! In Plain English

Zombie Thursdays is a weekly feature with guest blogger, Miranda. You can read more about her here.

Most of you have been reading and following Zombie Thursdays from the beginning when I started up back in November. However, since then this blog has gained a lot of new followers who may be saying, "what is with the zombies? What are zombies? Why should I care about zombies?"

All great questions! If you come to this blog every Thursday in the hopes of finding information on the writing process, funny cat stories, or emails about phantom children, you may be befuddled to instead see posts about normal people having sex with zombies and the best weapons to have on hand. Fear not! We welcome your confused minds anyway.

I'm going to break down zombies for all you newcomers. Today, I present-- Zombies in Plain English. The following video was created by a company called Common Craft whose simple three minute videos help teach bigger complex lessons and ideas. Most of their videos seem to be technology based; for example, they have videos explaining Twitter, RSS feeds, and Wikipedia. One of their first videos in 2007 was Zombies in Plain English. I love this video because it is funny, direct and to the point, and they use badly drawn stick people zombies, much like what I have drawn for you all in past posts!

So, welcome to Zombie Thursdays all you new followers and friends! Spread the infection, er... spread the word!