Friday, July 30, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Dean

In elementary school, the Choose Your Own Adventure series was wicked popular. There was a wait list to get them out of the library. What was great about them was you got transported on some pretty awesome missions.

Now, they're starting to make a comeback with blogging. The stories don't start off with you in the jungle or on a riverboat, but stick with subjects we're all more comfortable with. Of course, once people contribute, the story unfolds in crazy ways - and makes it awesome.

So, today I'm bringing the Choose Your Own Adventure to Slice of the Blog Pie. I've started and I need you guys to keep the story going. Please tell your friends to join in as well.

The Dean

Sidney hopped off the overcrowded bus at James Square, eager for his interview. He had heard a lot about the new dean at the academy - some things over-the-top fantastic and some everyday-mundane. Despite the rumors, there was nothing concrete that Sidney could find.

This interview would be the first and it would let everyone know about what the dean was about.

Want a hand in Sidney's interview? Is the dean an alien? Only you can decide. Click below and continue the story.


  1. Sidney juggled his briefcase and coffee, tripping as he went up the Administration Building steps.

    The coffee was a mistake.

    Maybe he could throw it out? But his mug was reusable, a gift from his mother. She would never forgive him for losing it.

    Now he was sweating.

    He put the coffee down outside, beside the trash can, hoping it would still be there when he got back.

    He made is way to the third floor. Now he was regretting the briefcase, but it was too late to dump that.

    As he rounded the corner to the Dean's office, he was surprised at the quiet.

    There was no assistant, no copies being made, no computers buzzing, no phones ringing... nothing.

  2. In fact, there didn't appear to be anyone at all, not even the dean! Sidney glanced around the room and looked back at the direction he had just come. Was someone playing a joke on him? That seemed unlikely. Was he too early? Too late?

    Sidney glanced at his watch. He was there exactly when he was scheduled for the interview. What to do? he wondered to himself. Should he stay and wait in the quiet office? Walk around the building to look for the dean? Or leave completely, and write a scathing article on the dean's lesser qualities?

    Sidney stood in the quiet and weighed his options...

    *what does Sidney decide?*

  3. Maybe he had the wrong office. Or the wrong floor. Or the wrong building. Sydney began walking down the deserted hallway, looking for someone, anyone, who he could ask.

    Every office was empty.

    He reached the end of the hallway and let out a long, frustrated sigh. He turned around and looked back the way he had come. Something didn’t seem right. He was sure that there were lights on in every office when he walked by. Now they were dark.

    He began walking back towards the stairs. As he walked past the dean’s office the lights went dark, plunging the hallway in pitch darkness.

  4. Sydney paused, his briefcase clutched in tight fingers, and he glanced down the dark hallway. His nerves buzzed as he cleared his throat, the sound echoing in the silence.

    "Hello?" he called out, before he took another step down the hall. "Hello?"

    This was too strange. He'd come here for an interview and now the building was empty? He took a few more steps before he stopped dead in his tracks and then swallowed.

    A low groan hummed from the darkness and he swallowed. "Um...hello?"

    --Does Sydney investigate the groan or turn around and go away from the scary sound?--

  5. Sydney took a couple steps forward. What was going on? He sighed and wiped his forehead "Look if this is some kind of joke.." he stepped in the direction of the sound.

    He began to wonder if there was something.. weird in that coffee he had gotten rid of. Something had happened here. The dean should be here.

    He walked further into the darkness of the hallway, following the sound "Who's there?" he asked, trying to hide the fear in his voice.

    *what/who was making the noise?*

  6. Sidney was apprehensive and on guard as he advanced toward the low groan. His brain was telling his tense body that this was the wrong thing to be doing. His feet knew they should be running away, and yet they kept drawing closer to the noise.

    The sound seemed to be coming from one of the dark offices. With his last bit of nerves, Sidney turned the door handle and stepped into the dark room. The groaning was instantly louder and became apparent that it was coming from a woman.

    Sidney instinctively looked behind him. Was this woman hurt? Was the attacker still nearby? If Sidney were to leave the building, now would be the time. Or he could stay to help this woman...

    What does he choose?

  7. He knew he should run. He wanted to run. But he didn't run. This woman.. she could be seriously in trouble. Maybe he would end up a hero. They would remember him forever! Yes. He was going to be the hero.

    Sidney slowly made his way over to the woman "Miss? are you alright?" he was shaking, there was fear in his voice despite Sidney's attempts to be so brave.

    The woman groaned "He.." she mumbled- much too scared to finish her sentence "He's still.. in.." she was shaking. She was scared. She needed his help.

    Sidney reached to touch her hand "Miss, let's get you out of here." he turned to face the door when he saw a pair of eyes in the corner of the room. It was too dark to make out the person. "What are you doing in this building?" the dark voice questioned. It sounded very much like a man. But he couldn't be sure.

    *Who's voice was it? What happens now?*

  8. Sidney was sick of being dicked around and replied, "I was INVITED to this building to interview the Dean, who doesn't appear to be here. Now, who the hell are you and WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?"

    A low chuckled came from the corner. "All right, Miss Breen, I think Sidney's shown he's a good enough sport to be worth my time."

    The woman's hand was withdrawn from his and the overhead light flicked on.

    Sidney dropped his briefcase and nearly dropped something else.

    Who/what was in the room with him?

  9. As the lights came on in the room it took a second for Sydney's eyes to adjust. As the temporary blindness lifted Sydney noticed a familiar face sitting in a chair behind the desk.

    It was Sydney, at least a slightly older version of Sydney.

    The older Sydney chuckled. " dear boy, may I call you Sid?"

    Sydney nodded, still dumbstruck by what he saw.

    The man continued. "Good, glad we could dispense with formalities. I'm guessing you must have a lot of questions, but seeing as we don't have much time, I must ask you to take my hand and all will be explained."

    The older man stood up from behind his desk and reached out to Sydney.

    "Well, what are you waiting for?", the man asked.

    Does Sydney:

    A) Take the man's hand
    B) Run screaming from the room
    C) Stop and question the man some more.

  10. Sidney was conflicted. He wanted to not only run from the room, but was also strangely drawn to the man who looked so much like him. He settled on a third option-- asking questions.

    "W-who are you?" Sidney stuttered. "Are you... Are you me? I mean, am I you?"

    The older man chuckled slightly. "No, Sid. I'm not you, despite appearances. But we are very much connected to each other. When I found you, I knew I had to meet you, get you here. You see, Sid, I'm--"

    Is the man a relative of Sidney's? A shapeshifter? A coincidence in their appearances? You decide!

  11. Sidney leaned forward in anticipation of the dean's answer.

    "I'm sorry, but would you like some tea?" The dean got up and went to a sideboard that Sidney swore wasn't there before.

    As he prepared the tea in two delicate looking cups, the dean talked.

    "I must stress we have little time and all of this could be answered easier if you came with me, but I also understand why you'd be reluctant.

    "I'm your alternate and we've got a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. See, while Rocky Horror sings about Time Warping, we actually can.

    "Now, if you would be so kind as take my hand, it's time to do the Time Warp."

    **Does Sid Time Warp with the Dean? What's the deal with the magically appearing side board? And what's up Miss Breen?**


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