First Four For Friday

Work yet again is kicking my ass, but I have a lurkership (you) to entertain. So I'm inaugurating a new feature - Four for Friday. Easch Four For Friday will have a theme. I'm not planning this to be every week but more like whenever I'm scrambling at work and lists are much easier for me to construct.

*a hem*

Four For Friday, Firsts Edition

  1. Last night, Hubby and I went to our first ever book reading music. Steve Almond read excerpts from Rock N Roll Will Save Your Life and encouraged audience participation by singing the lyrics he supplied. The man is brilliantly funny.

    If you have the chance, see him speak.

  2. For Feline "Assistance"
  3. I earned a merit badge, or rather, The Stripey and White Ones did. That's right. It's for when they're being ever so NOT USEFUL. If you like cute little badges, you should check out Merit Badger, who I found from the awesomeness that's Janet Reid.

  4. Tomorrow I'll be seeing the hecklefest that's called Eclipse. Look out Suburban Boston Twi-Hards because my friends and I can be quite obnoxious.

  5. Wednesday I contemplated jogging. 
________ hit of the day: Holy Diver by Dio