How The White One Bungled My Week

You can have the red stuff. Save me the container.
The White One has been up to his usual antics as of late. It started on the 4th when he walked out our front door, snuck around the corner, and yodeled at Hubby. (The Stripey One got sidelined by grass.)

Since then, he's been unstoppable.

In the last seven days, he's
  • Picked his way through the bathroom trash searching for that divine piece of plastic.
  • Broke a bottle of Strongbow Hard Cider.
  • Forced himself on Stripey at least ten fifty times.
  • Sat in the middle of my manuscript twice per editing session.
  • Shoved change onto the floor in the middle of the night until I woke up to let me know that his water dish was below Luckycat standards.
  • Snapped a piece off my brand new purple and pink water bottle.
  • Ate said divine plastic only to regurgitate for us a few hours later.
  • Confused my left hand with an early morning snack.

Don't get me wrong, not all he does is bad. He is really a sweet cat. And hella entertaining. The best thing he did all weekend was when he pretended the small rubber duck with "Alicia" inked on it's chest is the latest cat hockey puck technology.

_______ hit of the day: Nobody's Home by Babylon Bombs