In the Zone

Every Wednesday, YA Highway asks their readership a simple question for you to answer on your blog. Once you answer, you leave your link in the comments for other readers to hop on board. This is Road Trip Wednesday.

Today's question: What would your ideal writing desk look like? Right down to the perfect pen or laptop.

In Alicia's Fantasy World - where I'm 5'9", not so busty, and a little more buff - I have a library. This library would have floor to ceiling bookshelves, a window seat, 2 sets of french doors: one leading to the balcony and the other to the hallway. There would be a comfy chair and possibly an area rug in a bright-ass color (electric blue maybe).

There's be an alcove (complete with window) where my new office space would be.  I'd have an L-shaped desk with a hutch. The L would be under the window so I can see the outside, but not get distracted by its shininess. The shelves in the hutch would hold any books I was referencing for the current WIP. I'd have a drawer to file important-ish papers and a drawer for pens and things.*

I'm good with my Dell laptop, so that would stay, but I'd so have a wireless printer.

I'd own stock in 3M because I'd own that many Post-it items: bright colored sticky notes in varying sizes, those highlighter pens, not to mention the easel pad to brainstorm and plot. There's be a pack of multi-colored Sharpies for said easel pad too.

There'd be a stack of index cards and legal pads in the drawer, not to mention my new favorite pen - the Staples Delta Elite. It's one of the smoothest pens I've used.

And journals. Those little ones that I was too lazy to use in high school. Those are great for keeping all WIP notes in one portable place. Those would be stacked up in the hutch.

I'd also have a little dry erase board so I could write notes to myself.

I like my current desk chair and that would come with me. It's comfy, tealish, and The Stripey One can lounge on the back while I sit there.


*A definite grown up advancement from my adhoc throw it wherever feng shui.

_______ hit of the day: The Magic of the Wizards Dream by Rhapsody of Fire