Monday, August 23, 2010

6 Lies, 1 Truth, and Tons of Contest Pimping

While I was away, I got an award from the pretty awesome Holly Dodson. I'm excited because 1) it gives me something to stick in the sidebar and 2) it gives me an automatic blog entry.

Because I have this, I have to tell you 7 things about myself and you're supposed to guess which one is true.
  1. I've never ridden a bicycle.
  2. Whenever I find a mushroom on my plate, I hurl it across the room.
  3. My 9-5 job should have ended three and a half years ago.
  4. The Stripey One was my first pet.
  5. I hate giraffes.
  6. Chocolate sucks. Peanut butter chocolate sucks more.
  7. I met Hubby at a strip club.
Barring those in the Lurkdom that I've known for years, I'm not sure if you'll guess the correct one. Do you think you know what number it is? The first person to guess correctly will win something random.*

And speaking of contests, there's some contests I've entered. If you like free stuff you should too.

Suzie Townsend is giving away Read, Remember, Recommend for Teens. (Enter until 8/28/10.)
Sarah Enni is sharing her contest winning karma by giving away neat reader/writer things. (Enter until 9/6/10.)

* Excluded from this contest are friends and family members who can definitely figure this out by process of elimination. Sorry, friends and family in the Lurkdom.

_______ hit of the day: Condemned to be Silent by Revelations of Rain


  1. Although it risks having the fact that you met your hubby at a strip club being true, I hope you are not anti PB/Chocolate AKA the BEST THING EVER!

    These are some really good ones!!

  2. A couple of these seriously have me rolling. Too bad I'm disqualified since I do know the answer. Maybe you should buy me an ice cream to make up for it. ;-)

  3. I think its the one about the giraffes. Mostly because they're so smug, always looking down on the other animals and getting the juicy good leaves at the top of the tree

  4. I guess #2 is true

    great list

  5. Hi there! New follower! And thanks for stopping by my blog too.
    Hmm, I'm going to have to guess that the real one is that you should have quit your job. The other ones are to juicy to be true!


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