Rockin Lawn Ornament Fun

I know what you're thinking:

Why is there a raisin wearing shades and sneakers?

Because it's a California Raisin, of course.

And since I live in a weird-ass town, the housing complex down the street showcases three of these bad boys on their patch of dirt lawn. This, plus the other two, are dancing their way far from an alligator and a slightly abused gnome.

The California Raisin trio wins the award for weirdest lawn ornament hands down and they're handmade. They're similar enough for you to recognize them for what they are* but different enough so it doesn't rip off the franchise.

In case you don't remember them, I've included the video. I loved this at age 8.

* I totally recognize that this is only true for those who remember 1986.
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