Stupid Technology Mistakes

First off, Happy Friday! I've never had a week that dragged as bad as this one, so I'm glad the weekend's finally here where I can read, go to the gym, and have some marathon editing sessions. But right now, I'm still locked into my desk with my brain too hopped up on caffeine to concentrate on anything.

What did you think of the Beta Battle yesterday? I hope you checked out what the other ladies had to say on Sarah's piece. What was interesting to me was seeing where we all commented on and where our comments differed. I learned a lot from it and hope everyone else did too.

I see I got some new lurkers this week. Welcome aboard and please comment often.

Have you ever gotten so pissed at your laptop you just wanted it to meet it's fiery end? If you scroll down, you can see what happens when you pretend your laptop is a dozen cookies.

The keys loosened enough to fall off during transport.
Due to the melting, the cover no longer shuts properly.
Here you can see where the heat was the strongest.

Same as above, just closer.

This isn't my laptop*. I'd NEVER stick technology in the oven. Even though the machine is wrecked beyond belief, the hard drive still worked this morning. Seeing this got me thinking about technology fails like when The White One destroyed the video card in Hubby's work laptop**. Or, more recently, SIL Melanie decided Mother Ocean really needed a cell phone.

Lurkdom, I ask you this:  
What is the worst thing you've done to your gadgets?

* Thanks to Louie for bringing this in. (And no, this wasn't his laptop either.)
** He knocked the laptop onto the ground and snapped the video card in half. The White One is to blame for more problems with Hubby's laptop than anything else.
 ______ hit of the day: Friday I'm in Love by The Cure