Four For Friday, Tuesday Edition

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday, but work deadlines encroach.

It's been a while since I've talked about Phantasma, and I blame lack of communication from Tasma's new teacher.Still, I know she has fans in the Lurkdom. Because of that reason and because I love you all, I present

Four For Friday: Little Phantasma Tuesday Edition
  1. The terrarium brought home from Beth lasted through July. When The Stripey One finally scared the final anole, we upgraded to hermit crabs. They are still kicking.
  2. During summer camp, Phantasma and Tessa Wolstein reached a shady truce so they could stand up to a grade 8 bully sadly named Buster.
  3. School has been in session for most of the month and Tasma hasn't brought home one assignment to date.
  4. Her new favorite lunch is open-faced Nutella and banana sandwiches.

I'm looking for a volunteer to do email correspondence for Phantasma's 7th grade year. If you're interested in creating email notifications, email me at ragdoll29 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

_____ hit of the day: Allergic to You by Trashlight Vision

REMINDER - Music Month is still happening for two more weeks. The best comment of the week gets a mix CD.