Friday, September 3, 2010

Four For Friday

When I wasn't working while watching Friday Night Lights this week, I had VH1 on as my background noise and yesterday evening didn't disappoint. They covered the greatest one hit wonders, most of which came out when I was still in single digits and got me nostalgic about that era.

Four For Friday: 80s Edition

1. Take On Me by A-ha. Greatest. Video. Ever. Turns out my love of Scandinavian music runs deep.

2. Strawberry Shortcake. I wasn't into her, but that didn't stop my mother from getting me the sleeping bag*.

3. Boy George. My introduction to gay men. Of course, my parents couldn't explain why he wore make up if he was a boy.

Not the actual ones I had
4. Neon crayons. Even though I loved the colors, the colors never really shone through.

What are your four 80s things?

* Still in usable condition, it's slept on many a dorm room floor.
_______ hit of the day: Nightmare by London After Midnight


  1. 1) Flashdance fashion-- leg warmers and ripped neck holes

    2)Smurfs!(Esp Hefty. I heart Hefty!)

    3)All those terrible "Police" songs

    4) USFL football. Go Philadelphia Stars!

  2. That video is the best!!

    1. roller skates

    2. neon sweatshirts with matching socks

    3. MTV-- I loved Martha Quinn!!

    4. those jelly bracelets and shoes. Oh. My. Jelly SHOES, people.

    Yay for the 80s!!!

  3. 1. WHAM (how could I not tell G. Michael was gay? It seems oh so obvious now.)
    2. Punky Brewster. I so wanted to be her.
    3. Converse high tops (my sister had a pink pair, I had a blue pair, and we switched one shoe... livin' the punky brewster dream.)
    4. Solid Gold! When I wasn't dreaming of being punky brewster, I was dreaming of being a solid gold dancer.

  4. I remember mostly everything you three said. I too wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer.

    This was fun. Thanks for stopping by and reminiscing, ladies!

  5. Since I was born in the late 80's, I sort of don't have anything I miss :( But I TOTALLY love seeing VH1's shows on the decade. Those make me very thankful I can't remember a thing. :)

    Fun post!

  6. Amparo you won a CD, please email me your address.


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