Music Month Week 2 Winners Are...


I tried to narrow it down, but sometimes two is better than one.

Robert commented on the Squirrel Cuteness post saying:
"In college, a squirrel fell into my room and onto my sleeping chest, making me bolt up and yell and the squirrel pea on me. Squirrels..."

I almost peed myself reading it and he gets extra props for telling an entire story in one sentence.

Erinn commented on last week's RTW post saying:
"Athurian England isn't medieval England though, its' 500 AD. The Morte D'Arthur was written in 1400's but it was a romanticized version. Mallory was in prison when he wrote it.

Sorry I spilled my history nerd info on you. I'll get you something to clean up the stain."

I always think Erinn's funny, but her history nerd spillage did me in.

Robert email me at ragdoll29 (at) yahoo (dot) com with your physical address.