Not About Lemurs At All

It's Friday and the event planning dragons are totally breathing down my neck.

What does that mean?
If you're just joining the part that means no true post today.

Well, that stinks.
I know.

Are you sure you're not in a Bejeweled vortex?
While I have taken a Bejeweled break, I'm no way stuck in a vortex.

I don't really believe you, but will play along.

So now what?
A picture. Because that's how I roll.

How awesome is this sign? It was on the lemur display at the Southwick Zoo. Unfortunately, we didn't see any babies wandering around, but there were tons of other cool things going on that I promise to blog about someday soon.

Lurkdom, do you have any zoo stories for me?

____ hit of the day: Evening by Calabrese