Your Turn!

I've noticed there are a few more people in the Lurkdom as of late. *waves to all new faces*

Because of this - and my lack of attention span - I want you guys to talk. Introduce yourself and tell me what brought you here. Tell me about your hobbies and if you blog, what you blog about. With 50 plus of you in the Lurkdom, there's no reason for not talking. Even if I know you, tell me something below. You could win some music, after all.

I write YA and am seeking representation on my contemporary novel, FALLING TO NORMAL. I blog about writing, cats, my imaginary child, and anything else that amuses me. I have a co-host, Miranda, who runs the show on Thursdays where it's all things zombie.

Now it's your turn. Tell me about yourself.

____ hit of the day: ACT I: King of the Franks by Christopher Lee