Zombies on Holiday

Most of you may not know that I have spent the last week and a half on vacation. I'm still technically on vacation! Unfortunately, the places I have stayed during my trip (my parents' house, my brother's house, and a Westin hotel) have not had internet access. Not even the hotel had free WiFi! So I'm very sorry to have missed posting last week, and feel bad because this post is being made from my BlackBerry and isn't nearly as thorough as my usual Zombie Thursday postings. But at least it's something!

The majority of my vacation was spent in Atlanta at the annual Dragon*Con convention. This year marked my second time at the event. I had a great time this year and got to do and see some cool zombie stuff!! I can't wait to do a better update, but it will require the use of my actual computer and real internet. Until then, here is a small teaser of my time at Zombie Prom! http://plixi.com/p/43110172

Stop on by next week when I get my life and Zombie Thursdays back on track and on schedule! And don't forget, all you gamers and movie fans, the new Resident Evil movie opens tomorrow in 3D! I can't wait to check it out, and you should go too.