Friday, October 1, 2010

Four For Friday

TGIF, Lurkdom. It's a balmy 70-something in Boston with humidity that can make the flattest hair rival that of a French Poodle. A huge-ass rainstorm is on it's way and the sky is this awful dishwater gray. Basically, it's depressing. What better way to get undepressed than to think about the happy.

Four Friday: Happiness Edition

Giraffes. There's something about their faces that make me smile. Whenever I'm at the zoo, I spend a lot of time watching them. They're pretty and docile and have tiny horns on their heads. Also, I used to have one as an imaginary culprit.

Comfy pants. I love snuggling into a pair of oversized lounge pants once I'm down for the count. As most writers I know can attest, nothing is better than being comfortable when working. It actually helps the brain relax too.

The Stripey and White Ones. Like you didn't see this coming. They purr, cuddle, and do cute pouncey stuff with random house stuff.
The Sun. It's true. Above all else, I'm happier when the Daystar is out. It burns and it's hot, but it makes everything crisper and cheerier.

What makes you happy?
________ hit of the day: Rock Me by Great White

REMINDER: Music Month is still happening. Best quote of the week wins a mix CD!


  1. Hooray for giraffes! When my sister was heading to Africa, I told her that giraffes have purple tongues, and she should check it out when she was at a giraffe sanctuary that was on her list. I couldn't convince her I was serious -- she was utterly convinced I was making it up.

    Then, about two months later, I got an all caps email. THEY REALLY DO HAVE PURPLE TONGUES. I HAVE SEEN THEM.

    To your list of happy-making things I add cupcakes. Fancy ones with fancy frosting.

  2. Many things make me happy but you've touched on some great ones! I'll have to say hearing my kids (7, 3, and 1) laughing together as they play.

    Thanks for the pictures, they brought a smile to my face. Too true there's just something about giraffes....

    So glad to have found your blog!


  3. Friends :) When I'm really upset I just wanna see someone and hang out a bit.

    Kitties. Especially Midnight<3
    I LOVE CATS. Midnight is my baby <3 Well- she's not a baby but she sleeps with me and follows me around the house and she is missing some feet. But I love her <3

    Conventions. I love anime conventions, comic conventions, entertainment conventions. I just love cons. I will admit- non anime ones I usually get bored at. But I still have fun walking around with friends, seeing costumes and merch.

    and Sarah Brightman. I was going to say Repo. But Repo doesn't always cheer me up. It's just my favorite movie. But if I'm upset or angry and listen to Sarah Brightman- I just get really calm and feel wonderful.

    I feel bad for commenting so late ;^; but I was busy all of Saturday and most of Friday and I slept most of today LOL


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